ROTOFIT eliminates hose twist and torque that may cause premature hose failure.

Twist and Torque are cause of premature hose failure. The connection system: insert-hose-ferrule is NOT designed to withstand repeated and high torsional moments.The level of torsional stress, is generated by the hose layout on the machine & application characteristics.


  • Reduction of possible leakage points
  • Reduction of assembly cost
  • Risk reduction of assembly operation mistakes
  • More safety in severe working conditions



  • Working pressure  from 35MPa to 42MPa
  • 15 alternative rotation x minute
  • 40° of angle rotation
  • Working temperature -30°C +110°C with standard seals in NBR (other material on request)
  • Full flow design minimizes pressure drop
  • Cr3 surface coating

Compactor Units

Hydraulic Connections offers affordable power units that work with Marathon and PTR Baler and more! Our units have industry standard safety features and are very efficient for their size, hence the word Compact!

Easily adapt to fit any application for waste removal with our three different models, contact us for more info!